About A.P. Fischer

A second-generation, family-run business distributing motor oil and filters in the Los Angeles area for 50 years


A.P. Fischer has been in operation since 1960 when founder, Al Paul Fischer, opened shop in a small building on Long Beach’s lower West Side. His operation hit the ground running and became a reliable delivery service of motor oil case goods for the local area.

A New Era

Years later prior to his retirement, Al sold the company to his lead sales rep and right hand man, Bob Baughman. Bob expanded the property over 50,000 square feet to include a retail center, a wholesale warehouse, and a bulk oil farm. The company prospered and eventually Bob handed off the business to his son, Ray. Ray Baughman built Long Beach’s first self-service oil bar and added A.P. Fischer’s heavy duty truck lube service, which became a major convenience to truckers and shop owners in the port.

In 2015 Ray lost a hard fought battle with cancer. His wife Sheri, with almost no previous interaction with the company, took the reins. She continues upholding A.P. Fischer’s high quality standards and looks to improve on future products and service offerings.


Today, A.P. Fischer is owned and operated by Sheri Baughman. Her sons Alex and Blake also help her with running the company as a family enterprise. A.P. Fischer provides reliable service to customers ranging from South Orange County, North Los Angeles, Riverside County, and beyond.

A.P. Fischer continues to adapt and expand by staying a step ahead of the industry, keeping service excellence and product standards as high as they were on day one.

Walk in Business Welcome

Our walk in retail store is always ready and waiting to satisfy all of our customer’s motor oil, filter, grease, and DEF needs.

Refill your gallon and five-gallon pails at our oil bar, and receive fast and friendly service every time you visit our oil change station. Save time and money by choosing A.P. Fischer the next time you want to improve your motor’s functionality.

No appointments needed.

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